The Altar

This poem was written in 2011, I re-post it today and note the Intervention of Grace and Love in my life, how this calling has been miraculously answered! The Alter has been found and seen…Linda


The Altar

Mercy, Grace, Love and Law.
I prayed for my Lord to intervene,
To Show me a way to feel the Unseen.
I stood before an image naught.
I heard no message or thundering roar.
Not a touch or a light did flash before.
Yet the Lord did find me in the night
As I lay weeping at the door.
And with Mercy, Grace, Love and Law;
I was prompted to give more than I could pour
To empty my heart, soul and sweep
All that I am and then again more
That it may become an Altar to soar.

Linda Willows

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4 thoughts on “The Altar

  1. Have you read “Return of the Prodigal Son” by Henri Nouwin? It is an amazing story of his reflections on the Rembradnt painting. This made me think of it again … Time for a re-read…


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