“Pray, wake the Dream”, a poem by Linda Willows


O Lord let the words that cut paths through
my heart and my mind, come into Your view.
How lost I was to host such a queue,
I pray to awaken my all for review.

Lord, place in me, the will of devout;
A longing to “see”, to remind and account…
Sweep on throughout as a wind would caress,
Its own field of Love’s bounty; it’s garden to bless.

© 2016 Linda Willows

6 thoughts on ““Pray, wake the Dream”, a poem by Linda Willows

      1. It is hardest in the trying times, yet I’ve always found the darkest hour IS just before the dawn … So we wait, and we pray … I will write something soon about this 😉 Be well !


  1. Amen! Beautiful Picture as well! Adjusting our attitudes like Joseph did is the best example I share because He surely did look for God in ALL situations and He saw Joseph through in a MIGHTY way. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words of encouragement!

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