“Time stopped for Joy’s gaze”, a poem by Linda Willows (Wonder, Blessing, Nature)


“Time stopped, for Joy’s gaze”, a poem by Linda Willows

How quiet has stilled all the slopes and the streets,
as nature has taken these days in it’s keep.
Thunderous snow and winds do blow
with awe we witness the winter’s show.

God did shake the clouds last night
and fill them all with sparkles of white.
He gathered the air and sent it in gusts,
like ripples in an ocean -His waves in sky thrusts.

Out of my window I marvel, I gaze-
all is a white kingdom in shimmering haze.
Covered are all of our blunders and grays;
Life for these moments carved like time stopped for joy’s gaze.

© 2016 Linda Willows

3 thoughts on ““Time stopped for Joy’s gaze”, a poem by Linda Willows (Wonder, Blessing, Nature)

    1. your sentiment is so beautifully expressed…our Creator, and His Son did feel all of our sorrows, sees all, even the smallest snowflake..and into every corner of our hearts. Our Father’s Love is full, gentle and and washes all as our own tears flow in receptivity, just as the earth is washed in seasons, we too-submit to a greater power; offer ourselves to be “seen” in the full light of Wisdom more than our own, a shining that blinds the mortal vision; just as the white snow covers all and asks us to question who we all, what exists in the quiet. What does the stillness reveal? Whose voice are we listening to and “what” cries out? is the ego peeling or is the heart thirsty for truth? real beauty is in the broken heart that thirsts for truth, and stands back, willing to be no thing-and asks the cup to be filled with the Divine.


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