For All in The Fire……… Linda Willows

My own is so broken for all in the Fire,
how can one weep for the world’s heart entire?
Feeling through lines and the borders of all –
the anguish, the death and the cries of man’s call.

Wake us and give us the strength to pursue
each entry that beckons with evil’s review.
For World without check upon fire in the dark
brings tremors in the morn when we wake with a start.

Pray, Lord give me passion to ease pain of grief,
Let all of your people find Mercy’s relief.
Round all the people and tender them Near…
Gather all Good; fold Him in all tears.

© 2015 November 14. Linda Willows

4 thoughts on “For All in The Fire……… Linda Willows

      1. yes, I am the same, seek balance- cannot dive into the overwhelm or I am useless. Agree with each word you say, and we must do the unthinkable…forgive, because we are not given power of Judgement, Only God…and justice in power of The Holy. Must keep heart with love, compassion and bend to healing, find hope; a path of courage and fortitude for future without fear, or fear of anything in this world.

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