“Where goes my Soul”, a poem by Linda Willows


Where goes my soul, Love follows near;
It abides, resides and tremors endear…
bids the presence of one, one only tear.

Such aches do speak and tell of all-
the mystery and the wondrous calls.
Symphonies that sound beyond
the Angel’s realm with life unbound.

All Becomes in the chords of Love.
My Soul is freed. I breathe above.
Take me farther than Love could weep.
My Soul does burst upon Thy Keep.

©2015 Linda Willows republish/rework from 2012
Photograph by Goran Kalanj

2 thoughts on ““Where goes my Soul”, a poem by Linda Willows

    1. our hand must be emptied first, and open with faith, willing to surrender lesser desires of all mortal and material life, hourly, daily…not cancel, but live free with the hand cupped open…enough for a bird to perch happily in it and fly, come- go…it is attuned to a will, Higher…and the Hand that embraces, encloses is that Agape; divine Love, Seeking Us…knows our Name, speaks to the Soul…waits until we hear and open our Palm, our heart., love Linda

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