On Bended Knee, a worship poem by Linda Willows


On Bended Knee

On bended knee, I find my own,
the way of simple letting known.
Freed are all the burdens kept
out they flew, oh out they leaped…

I bowed my head to let all dim,
The Love came then, it soared; poured in.
My all curled toward the mercy Bright,
heart fold round firmly in this might.

Wrap me around and hold me tight,
I never want to leave this invite.
Oh let the fetters of the day,
find their way without my say.

I need to Love on bended knee;
T’is how I die, I live, I see.
The glory All is farther than,
the whole and heart of even me.

Life, its source, the beauty of
comes free, but ‘Let’ from far above,
and when we bend our lives to Love
to live and die, to reach to see,
we arch in deep humility.

Touching portal veils that hold,
the embrace of Sacred love extolled.

©2015 Linda Willows, rework; republish, ©original 2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemil Kamal

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