Love’s due circle, softness keeping, a poem by Linda Willows


My Soul does bow before God’s estate,
the meek, the tender, the surrendered great,
all that serve with fearless gait,
all that stand fueled by an inner elate.

I smile to feel my hand extend
from inside out to rounded befriend.
Coming, feeling, reeling, reaping
Love’s due circles, softness keeping.

All become beloved ones near
able to reach, touch each, shed tear.
And in the midst, I see all to revere,
God’s heart, everywhere, with us, a sphere.

Grander than what any sky’s splendor can show,
greater than what our own minds could know.
I feel the grandeur of this moment’s Sun.
I witness Loves might to embrace all as One.

©2014 republish Linda Willows, 2012

Photography by Bortovoi

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