Whisper, my heart whispers………..by Linda Willows


Whisper, my heart whispers, and the silence will not come.
Love winds stir the chambers and disrupt the peace yet done.

Shall I ever feel the words or simply let them fall and run.
Shall I end this clever hiding; give my heart its freedom won…

Simple to denounce all, hide deep and cloak with the Still.
Adept at all the motions, I have yet danced to mark my will.

Yet the whispers do not cease and my soul does hear their call…
words ache into opening and reveal Loves’ deep flawed fall.

Whisper, my heart whispers and the silence will not come,
Peace, it measures justly sees the heart, to Love succumb.

©2012 Linda Willows

One thought on “Whisper, my heart whispers………..by Linda Willows

  1. Your poem reminds me of when I first felt the touch of Gods love, how i easily succumbed to his perfect and breathtaking grace. As you have said, we are all sisters and brothers in his love, and part of his living vine. Your words, your images and poems are always and will always be treasured gems that reflect his eternal beauty. I have read many this morning and my heart smiles! Thanks for the blessing my sister.


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