The joy of Jesu…..”devotions”, a poem by Linda Willows


My heart does speak in the dawn to your Face
Jesu, hidden beyond shining cloud’s lace,
Universe bows, lights sparkle in space;
Far comes to near in a moment’s embrace.

A tear of my own does glisten bright,
As my heart lifts up to Joy’s delight.
Merciful shadow I am to thee.
Keep me low, near and sweetened,
Calmed, and constant at Thy knee.

©Linda Willows 2014

9 thoughts on “The joy of Jesu…..”devotions”, a poem by Linda Willows

    1. yes! a year of prayer and devotions and deep study. I am so filled with love and joy. It is like living in Grace. All of my life I thought I knew, I thought I loved. I thought of God. I am living born in a new heart and mind. I cannot spend too much time on the computer though. My soul brings me to the Gospel, to the Silence and Morning that whisper with the Lord. Love, loving you, all of you, Linda


  1. I am so joyful to see you share your beautiful poetry again! As all whom cherish your friendship, I have missed your presence for you always provided a wonderfully radiant light within your always spiritually embracing words! I pray all is well with you Linda…God bless you always my sister!


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