“Take my Hand”, a poem by Linda Willows

OLandscapeFR16059914-lgMartyn FoxHeart, dear, come along,
we are walking, we are new.

All of God’s garden,
feels our footsteps
beneath the dew.

Round grows the blossoms
turning towards like dancers on cue.

 Feel how the winds lift
motioning color into a maze of new hues.

Heart, dear, take the silence
lest my words become lost in weeping.

Such wonder walks amidst beauty,
forever blessings come in the reaping.

Please, dear, see beyond,
a land here waits to greet.

Heart, dear, take my hand
and let our journey soft to sweet.

© 2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by G. Martin Fox

23 thoughts on ““Take my Hand”, a poem by Linda Willows

  1. The spiritual embrace of your words is so very refreshing! It is so nice to feel their blessing again! May God continue to bless you always dear sister! Know that you have been missed!


  2. The heart leads us on the true path. That sacred love we cannot define, only embrace believing in its truth, having faith in its oneness, knowing it leads to source …. Blessings for your day Dear Linda …


  3. Thomas Edison’s final words were ‘It’s very beautiful over there’. I don’t know where ‘there’ is, but I believe it is, and know it’s much more than just beautiful. Your words are a window into the light that is the soul. Thank you for this gift of love, dear Linda. Thank you for the gift of you. ~ Love, Bobbie


  4. its been long since i last visited ur blog. Life’s been hectic & busy.
    I couldnt help hitting LIKE on each of ur poems. The fact is that they’re so TRUE. Their beauty flows within the words, its such a wonderful experience & pleasure getting to read them.


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