My deeply bowed head… ~a poem by Linda Willows

Owomanf255050David Galstyan

Your Love does drape and washes my heart,
It offers life, where once did depart,
the hopes and dreams of most humble start,
even my faith, oh dear Lord, this deep part.

Honor restores with my deeply bowed head,
this journey, this world, how it turned, how it bled.
Give pardon and mercy, release Love’s embed,
come through my garden, Lord – sweep days ahead.

If Love does not reign, all shall wither and die,
each creature, each mortal; we will rise in a cry.
Help find the cloak that would warm all our souls,
and prompt all Hearts in most sacred ex-toll.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photograph by David Galstyan

43 thoughts on “My deeply bowed head… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. So touching Linda… to prompt all hearts ~ yes – Love truly is what nurtures and fosters thriving… and life itself. Your words say this beautifully dearest friend ~ Lots of Love from me to you… xRL


  2. Indeed, my dearest Linda ~ let us LOVE with all STRENGTH so that we may be closer to the ONE most DIVINE. In no other way can we be more like HIM! Love you my dearest heart. ~ Always, Bobbie


  3. Your words moved my heart as they danced happily within my spirit with a renewing power, that refeshed my whole! I felt the life in your words deeply as i have been there before and will again before my life ends here, but His forgiving grace makes me to never worry because you and i, and many others are His, we belong to him and no one can ever separate us from His loving hands! The blend of image and words make an exceedingly wonderful impact upon my day! And its one of those feelings that one never wants to let go of! God bless and thanks for the blessing dear Linda!


  4. Linda you have not posted for a while and I am concerened, are you okay dear sister? Your light is greatly missed and also the life of your words. You greatly influence my day and many others…we are a part of that same spiritual vine…I have nominated your for the Most Influential Blog Award for 2012, because of your heart and spirit. Congratualtions. You will ever be in my prayers!


  5. Linda, dear friend, beautiful words as always, although I feel the profound sadness in them. I have been wrestling with health issues myself these past weeks and have not been around – but have been thinking of you, missing you and praying for you. I hope you are doing well and only taking some time out … your gracious presence is sorely missed … sending you gentle hugs, healing thoughts and much, much love always. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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