I Hear You… ~a poem by Linda Willows


I hear you in the silence of…
sweet dreams of mine, that whisper Love,
in the night time of my breath,
the very mist of light and death.

I hear your heartbeat in my own…
strong, revered, as though one known,
sounded in the chambers of
my soul’s entire, here and above.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photography by Sfylwia Makris

34 thoughts on “I Hear You… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Your words speak soothingly to the soul, to the deepness of one’s whole being! Your words and their radiant light have been missed dear Linda. Thank you for the lift today, and may His grace and love always share a forever embrace with your heart! God bless, my sister!


  2. This is beautiful in more ways than there are words, Linda. It is tender and filled with the wonder of silences. If we are truly blessed, there comes a time when the world grows quiet, and the only thing left is your heart. What a beautiful voice yours has. ~ Love, Bobbie


  3. Yes, Peter…you have seen the deeper thread here, the sound within the silence that does carry us “before”, now, always and hereafter….as ever, I thank you for you insight, sending love to you, Linda


  4. I loved this poem LInda – ‘the chambers of my soul”… and I love how it evoked that intimate blissful tenderness of communion, the sense of being permeated by the All That, the Presence that is an integral part of every thought and every feeling and every atom… Is.
    Your poem brought all this back into focus for me, thank you Linda


  5. YOU are so beautiful Linda; the words are you. It feels like you are moving into the light with these words. Are you well? You make transition so beautiful.


    1. Love you so dearly, Yaz….surely transitions, surrender of what is “no longer the gain of that most refined and golden Will, highest Love served and so gratefully honored” is a journey of acceptance, courage, faith, and deep healing which allows a Turning of all of self, life and affairs to the outcome of the Divine. This is surely Love at work, and joy in the dance of it all…..Linda


  6. Linda, how gentle and loving this is, dear friend. Your words transcend life and soothe the soul … thank you. Sending much love and gentle hugs to you. Julie xoxox


  7. Reading this, I have this feeling of utter contentment running through my soul, no doubt evoked by the words blessed of divine spirit, and I am thankful for the smile I am left with…..thank you and bless you, Ms. Linda, dear friend….love to you always….


  8. “Chamber’s of my Soul…”
    echoes in dreams are stored there to fill it up
    What beautiful thoughts one gathers reading your words….
    Take Care…


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