Empty Palm’s Grace ~by Linda Willows


Come forward, face the sun,
day blossoms as done.
Horizons lift into
life’s heart golden spun.

Walk from the silence
of the peace that comes due,
when the Heart is the frame
and Love, the View.

Ache with the calling
that stirs to become,
to touch all that Breathes
in the mystery of One.

Leave all, let fall;
no possession may keep…
deeply the motion,
though the heart may weep.

Found in the glory
of empty palms grace,
is the fill of a Kingdom
that brings Souls to embrace.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Belyaeva Light

18 thoughts on “Empty Palm’s Grace ~by Linda Willows

  1. This is beautiful Linda.

    That first stanza is just lovely there’s a calm optimism in it for me. I need all the optimism I can source at this time of year; Im finding it very dificult as my condition progresses to hold on to it.


    Christine xx


    1. You must, Christine…hold on to hope, to your Faith in things which surpass all “exterior” conditions! You have so much Heart and Love, such a precious Life! Believe that anything is possible, then keep your Heart open, Love, Linda


    1. Thank you, Laurie…even when, life or one’s own thoughts may not seem positive…it does bring great peace, even joy to dwell from the core of Love in the Heart and know that you can always “find your way back home”! Love, Linda


  2. We escape the slavery of mortality by seeking (even in the wilderness) the traces of divine footsteps. In surrender, we are freed. I love this, Linda. As always, your words find a home in my soul. ~ Love, Bobbie


  3. Your poems are always a true blessing, but even more so this week your poem is so very invigorating! I received a blessing within your words which filled my spirit with your spiritual touch and I was lifted with a sweet staying power that your life light always brings. I hope your christmas was wonderful and i look forward to reading and embracing your words in this new year! God bless and much love to you Linda! P.S. I loved the image!


  4. Very uplifting and beautiful Linda! So much is about the direction we face — and I always try to find the sun in every situation. To look through the window of heart – and view Love — that is really the most Divine of intentions – and to me makes most sense as to what this life is all about … Thank you for your gift today dear friend ~ Much Love to You !! xxoo Robyn


    1. Yes…the direction, you have put it beautifully Robyn. I like the idea of “finding the sun in every situation” ….one might also ask during the day, “how can I frame this with Heart and view it with Love?” I am very glad that you brought up the idea of Intentions. They are so powerful. Thank you very much. Sending all my love to you, Linda


  5. “Found in the glory of empty palms grace, is the fill of a Kingdom that brings Souls embrace.” – stunning words of truth, my dear friend Linda, spoken from the depths of heart and soul. This is a powerful, beautiful poem and message; all we are, all we may carry, is love; so much love there is no room for anything but the light of love. Sending you much love, dear friend. Julie xoxox


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