Peace falls so gently ~by Linda Willows


falling peace down
lets soft,
lets round…
gently rolls from
deep veils
to new ground.
Simple, it allows,
it leaves,
all sound…
pure imprint


falling peace down
with gentle
sweet pleas…
as clouds
in dawn’s breeze,
wandering fore,
to Love’s ease.

Peace falls
so gently,
it sways
finds way…
seeking new
in found Day.

©2012 Linda Willows

17 thoughts on “Peace falls so gently ~by Linda Willows

      1. awwwwwwww
        Love That You see right through my heart – Inner peace = outer peace xx You’re an amazing woman Linda ……. and I am Truly Grateful To know You xx
        Love xx Cat xx


  1. I love how Peace is linked to the dawn, in all its gentleness, and that it falls from above — a gift for each new day, a harbinger of freshness and hope, as the dew on the grass. Serenely beautiful and profound. Love, Dee


    1. yes, thank you Dee…the Dawn, as you write yourself is the harbinger of hope….and the moments when the darkness is gifted once again with the splendor of the Light, sending my love to you, Linda


    1. Thank you, Robyn…as for each of us as well, each new day holding hope….and the core of Peace, more joyful than any other….with peace, we live with hope, faith, and the ability to allow Love….to my dearest friend, Love you, Linda


  2. You captured the all – embracing nature of a soothing and serene heavenly essence…peace! As i read it all I could do is sit back and, take deep breaths, as my mind was kiss by your words…so very beautiful Linda!


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