When the hills call me home ~by Linda Willows

When the hills call me home
I roam, I roam…

Entering the green
I know home, this my nome.

Nature enters the breath of my Soul
Whispers beauty, weeps to extol.

Let all rise, come to pray…
Home, Home, faraway,
Belong, be Love, Be here to stay.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Jody Miller

22 thoughts on “When the hills call me home ~by Linda Willows

  1. ‘Nature enters the breath of my Soul’

    yes. a beauty that expands with each breath, as we return home … i love this Linda. poetry to feed the heart & soul ❤


    1. Oh I would sit at his feet and listen, but surely he was a quiet man and would have non of that….Yes, I love to hear of his life and his most beautiful and outstanding Soul, grant that anyone would meet such a wise and gifted man….thank you, Eric…


    1. Yes, GFS, we are nourished as sweet and dear Ones, Cared for by the Mountains Grace, the Healing Winds, the Blessed Rains…all so pure in Nature’s Kingdom….as Life allows, allows without fear, the Power of the Beloved to Breath throughout ALL. Thank you, as always, for your inspirational comment. So deeply appreciated…


    1. The exquisite turn of the phrase which you have made deepens, and extends the meaning of home…which indeed may be in a given moment as well..God’s Presence is our True Home, we need not search far…..Love to you, your beautiful Soul!


  2. There is no grander cathedral than the one formed of cedar and blue….held beneath heaven for graces. I love this, Linda (as you surely knew I would). Always, the gift of green is proof of love. ~ Ever, Bobbie


    1. I thought of you, Bobbie, and your deep reverie and union with all Nature….I recalled your heritage of the Green Mountains and far beyond….yes, I knew you would love the writings of Love to the Great Ones that Speak to us through Nature and the worship of Nature’s great Cathedral….something dear and sacred, which we share with many souls now and ever….love to you, Linda


  3. my Hill is Pendle Hill in England
    it has called to me for as long as I can remember
    when I went to visit a friend he took me there…
    yes it was like coming home, the energy pulled at my heart
    and carried into my soul…
    Beautiful…Heart-felt words Linda…
    I think Nature tells us in Her own way where home is if we just listen
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…


    1. I can Heart in your writing that you Know…you have experienced the great Mystery and the Gift of the “Hills”….I smiled and felt the Touch of the Love all over again as I read your words….thank you, Love to you, love is With you Always and Forever already!


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