On Bended Knee ~a poem by Linda Willows

On bended knee I find my own,
the way of simple ‘letting’ known.
Freed are all the burdens kept-
out they flew, oh out they leapt.

I bowed my head to let all dim,
The Love, came then, it poured; soared in.
My all curled toward the mercy Bright.
Heart folded round firm in this might.

Wrap me round and hold me tight,
I never want to leave this site.
Oh let the fetters of the day,
find their way without my say.

I need to Love on bended knee;
’tis how I die, and live, and see.
The Glory All is farther than,
the Whole and heart of even me.

Life, its source, the beauty of-
comes free and lets from far above,
and when we bend our lives to Love
to live and die, to reach to see,
we arch in deep humility.

Touching portal veils that hold,
we embrace in love with God extolled.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemil Kamal

22 thoughts on “On Bended Knee ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. I always used to say that a closet stuffed with old clothes cannot be filled with new ones unless it is emptied. You say the same thing more beautifully… Give up your burdens so love can fill you.


    1. yes, Yaz…so freeing to surrender, to bend and to also allow the humility of a “true one” in us to emerge, a bended Heart…curved and sweet, with room to receive and plenty of impulse to give, thank you very much for commenting and pulling more from the poem! love to you!


  2. Beautiful in the peace that seems to flow from your thoughts
    Wonderful Linda….simply wonderful
    take Care…


  3. Special Linda — speaks to me of humility – of the willingness and surrender to bend and take the shape we need to in order to find Grace within… Heartfelt beauty here… thank you ~ Much Love to you dear friend ~R


    1. I love your phrase..”take the shape we need in order to fine Grace within”…that is such an interesting and insightful interpretation…..it would be a wonderful question to ask ourselves, and to realize the true meaning of “Shape”….and its relation to Humility and surrender. We bend or take the Shape of that which sheds the Ego…we do literally need to Re-Shape, to allow a shedding to carve a new being of ourselves,…one not defined by our voice but by the voice of Soul……Here is the beauty of the Shaping……..Love to you, Linda


  4. This moved me to tears, my dear friend … your beautifully written words, the grace of your soul, touched my heart. Thank you for this, which I needed to read tonight. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  5. Your poem describes my most favorite position when calling upon the Lord in prayer, and i find I am always lifted by His light and grace… your words wonderfully describe the goodness that embraces us when we meet the light each day! So very moving, Linda!


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