Tender this sweet… ~a poem by Linda Willows

In the still,
silence pulls;
seeks to fill,
urge to full…

Naught to move,
naught a touch;
caught inside
a shell of such…

Cocoon wraps slow,
a breath must go.
Tender this sweet,
until hearts glow.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Anna Shakti Shakina

17 thoughts on “Tender this sweet… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. You capture the still moments beautifully. And you’re right, Linda, when all else is forgotten, the heart can be felt so much more. Thank you my Angel from Heaven!


  2. Spoke to my heart Linda …. silence is the place I must go to be filled…. It is a sacred special place and yes – beautiful and safe to me… This was a fabulous expression – and the image is equally striking ~ Love to you always, R


  3. Oh yes, Linda, the stillness and the silence are so precious… we have one day a week – always a Tuesday – when we don’t speak, and it’s the most blessed day of the week.
    Lovely thoughts from you as always, with love,Valerie


    1. What a remarkable life you lead, I can honesty say, the more that I learn about you,,,the more wonderfully pleased and delighted I am to know someone as unique and special as you are…..all my love, Linda


      1. Linda, you are so generous, I’m sure you see more than there is! But I love our connection too….love Valerie


  4. A sweet ribbon of bliss embraces the life of your words, as they combine to become a beautiful bouquet of heavenly flowers whose fragrance forever will massage my heart with their soft touch of love! You are a true blessing dear Linda with all which your wonderful heart and spirit share! The image along with your words provide a perfect picture of the inner true blossoming of love as we silently rest our spirits! I am always moved by your poems!


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