Love’s Enthrall ~a poem by Linda Willows

When Sun does find my moon and sigh,
I pray to blithely spirit fly
above the treetops in Skyline
and onwards to such homeward, Thine.

My Heart is known for due review.
Let all the corners pour on through.
I fess, confess and kneel for Bless,
as soul entire seeks Thy Caress.

Let my dancing soul’s full recall
be one that offers Loves’ enthrall.
Bind me closers still to Thee,
The Heart that Beats -Eternity.

©2012 Linda Willows

8 thoughts on “Love’s Enthrall ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Ego, soul, Spirit, we live in squares, and square roots, finding we need to fit the comers of of our lives expression into the sacred, the eternal from which we proceed… Thus our hearts feel the rhythm of the sky, the line between here and hereafter


  2. “Let my dancing soul’s recall…” … to always remember the call of eternal Love… lovely Linda ~ another blessed and flowing touching work of art. ~ Thank you dear one xo Love to you ~ R


  3. The combination of a breathtaking image and words, together make for a very amazing and beautiful poem! I love what my spirit felt as it touched and embraced the true rhythms of your soul, as it joyfully flew and danced with you in sweet blissful moments . Thanks for sharing such beauty with me to start my day!


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