To where I lay my heart ~a poem by Linda Willows

To where I lay my heart upon,
a knowing calm breaks with the dawn.
The tide of all that came before
does wash like grace upon outpour.

I ease my limbs and fall towards
a cradle rocked towards my Lord.
Let lost all held to let, to above.
Allow this now, come sweet, come Love.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Li Ran

16 thoughts on “To where I lay my heart ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. Yes, GFS a rising into the blessing of complete “surrender” into a ‘cradle’, or birthplace…rocked, turned…towards my Lord….an awakening into the birth that follows surrender……which does place “us” into moments in time formerly unknown…unfathomed…thank you so much for your insightful comment. I am so glad to have you here. Love, Linda


      1. Thank You xoxoxoxo and To You xo
        It’s ThanksGiving weekend here in Canada 🙂 so i will catch up with your beautiful love
        on Tuesday xo
        Huge hugs xoxoxo
        Cat xx


    1. And the “laying” seems to indicate such trust and surrender…..a knowing which allows the calm, like saying “here I place my heart”….and from this place I fall gently into the cradle (the new birth) that gently rocks me and cares for me….trusting that whatever it is…I am because I am with the Lord………..Love


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