to this Love spilled… ~a poem by Linda Willows

but Love
when it came
my eyes filled to brim
waters soft on laced rims
that shone
their own
the quickened
an angel
and received,
her Heart
into…the Love
some One.
filled, eyes
to this love spilled.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photography by Turestskiy

13 thoughts on “to this Love spilled… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Linda, Today a good, much younger friend told me he loved me. I was touched to tears and told him so, explaining that a woman will often react to love with tears. He said he understood and sent me his thoughts …
    “eyes are the mirror of the soul, smile is the mirror of the heart”

    I said – Yes my tears were smiling at my happy heart

    Your poem reminded of this love – thanks xx


    1. ohh dearest Lesley, I am so touched, and so very happy for you…Yes, tears, they measure a deep love spilled from the Soul and a Heart as happy as yours! I have more reason for joy even now………


  2. Whether it is of the heart, or of the soul, one will eventually lead to the other, and the embrace of love and of Love makes us warm again. Even in the words the reader can feel the light, the warm tropical breeze blowing through the words. Once again Linda – masterful poetry – beautiful words to fill our hearts … Thank you, Peter
    PS – I’ve been on a reading binge, so my writing is less frequent, but I’m a squatter a WP now….


    1. So wonderful to hear from you Peter! True Words spoken. For Soul Love must flood the Heart with its Own and create its reflection…Heart and Soul are connected. Spirit, the Breath of Life joins the Two…Love causes Love…


  3. Beautiful. Love is constant ~ and yet it is not. It is not always the same. It is more like the sea, with tides, ebbs and flows ~ or like the river before, during and after a flood. For me, what matters is that always, whether it’s ebbing or flowing, it’s there ~ it’s always there. Truly inspired, as always, dear Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie


    1. Dear Bobbie…In the world of ‘Waters’…which are spoken of in your beautiful comment….there are no constants, as you describe all is subject to change…. and our mortal condition waits or a baits. The poem begins with the words “but Love, when it came…” suggesting that this was like a spilling of something not previously experienced…whether it be a flow of light from the Soul Ones Own or an inflow of Love from Another, it is experienced as Grace…the opening of the Heart. The opening creates the feeling of fullness…the feeling of “Waters”, for the Heart lives in the duality of Soul and Mortal and the Mortal is the Waters of Being. In these, we have no constant…ever changing human existence.n

      Love, is Constant. When it is offered from the Soul…it is like a soft arrow which has been offered from a deep place. It is precious. I cannot be thrown away…it remains. I am so grateful that you commented on this poem. It came from deep in my Soul’s eyes…
      I could not even find a photo that would match it’s feeling.
      Thank you for your comment and know that I send my love to you, Linda


  4. The kind of Love you describe Linda… Immortal Love… it seems…. And to me,the essence of what Love should always be….it transcends everything …. Truly another dimension of spirit… Your poetry never fails to stir the soul!! –RL


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