“Small as a Seashell”, a poem by Linda Willows

Oh find this, my soul,
in the rock and tides’ toil,
in each glory eve
that sets mind to dream’s fold.

Find my hearts glory
in oceans that seek,
and rise to the moon with the Light at its’ peak.

I bow to the earth and the skies all above,
and small as a seashell, I hold all with Love.

©2016; 2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by G. Murad

19 thoughts on ““Small as a Seashell”, a poem by Linda Willows

  1. A Great poetic Soul ,living in a seashell…
    you give us the dimensions of our temporary forms .. the awe that we feel when we are conecting as Souls, with the Beauty of this planet..


  2. Until we know we do not live under the stars, but that we are part of them and they a part of us, we do not know life, we live apart … a paraphrase of something I read recently, which you words here so remind me of. Whether atom or sun all thing are connected, and necessary for each other … one day all eyes will be opened –


  3. Oh – perfect right now for me Linda… tough day in NYC learning new news on my condition — deep breath with your lovely poem. I will hold that imagined seashell in my hands tonight as I retire to slumber ~ much love … xo R


    1. Only the Greatest Heart could live with equanimity in the face of bold decisions, challenges in life that may be difficult for many to perceive. To be able to hold the Vision of true Being in the face of most Mortal choices, trails and “bearings”…is one of the greatest of achievements of the Soul Infused Life. Thus the seashell, a life, an encasement…a knowledge of being more that what is perceived within its Graceful Curvature….and the ability to listen and hear the whispers of life, ItSelf and the Ocean of life Beyond with remembrance and Awareness….that extends and strengthens.


  4. This is beautiful, Linda. We belong to each other, and live within one another (apart, the same, all). Within the tiniest grain of sand, Camelot lives. In the shudder of a wave, eternities begin and end. At the sound of my voice, worlds are created new. All that is the universe, is of me and I of it. And we…….of love. I love this…..and you. ~ Always, Bobbie


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