pearls to nights’ passing ~a poem by Linda Willows

in dreams deeply folded in bouquets of light
she whispered her Heart of the secrets that poured,
a weeping and misting of Souls’ journey fore…

all wind and reline; veils fall shining bright…
in the white voes of promise, full given; Soul bore,
even pearls to night’s passing leave trace in Hearts’ core.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemil Kemal

9 thoughts on “pearls to nights’ passing ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Oh Linda ~ another amazingly soul touching piece. Touched me deeply — what is more intimate than a vow of the soul? I can feel this deep in my heart — it speaks of Love and Devotion in the truest sense.. The photo selected, a perfect companion. Oh And… until later when I respond at my post – please know what an immense impact your comment had when I read it earlier – soooo much love and appreciation to you for all that your generous spirit gives. My Love ~ Robyn


    1. You have such deep insights into the special Heart of Woman, the true, the symbolic, the mortal and the Spiritual veils which she keeps close….this, and so much more, means all so much to me….Love, Linda


  2. There are words, and there are WORDS. When those which leave our tongue match those within our soul, the result is this. You show us how love should look, dear Linda. Thank you. ~ My love, Bobbie


    1. my friend, my dear Bobbie, I am so grateful for your own…this humble poem reaches, it longed for word that never came, like the woman, part remains silent, I must assume for now…thank you, Linda


      1. …but of the choices, were it ever a choice to love part way? Surely I know you enough to know that there is no such thing for either of us. There is only love ~ always and in all ways. ~ Love, Me


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