“All The Tide’s Mist”, a poem by Linda Willows

Peace not leaving,
life receding.
Tides revealing,
hearts repealing.
Sands leave naked footprints stealing
vows to mark all time once printed
into fate, as if thus minted.

Peace not interrupted,
nor life corrupted
as some to pay some a future due.
Could the dawn have known the evening’s hue-
it would have held its’ breath for you.

Peace not leaving,
life receding.
All the tides
prepare to go.
Where they wander no one tells
but yonder dreams far place to fell
must capture the lost in such deep spell.

Peace not leaving,
life receding.
Come back, come forward, come life though.
Counting nothing, let all be.
Love finds the rhythm of the sea.
Float me with you; carry me too.
I’ll be light as mist dawning
dreaming tomorrow there again,
waking peace again with you.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Piet Flour

14 thoughts on ““All The Tide’s Mist”, a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Your words had a calming effect on my spirit as i embraced them…and their gentle touch left my heart sighing as i could see with my spirit’s eye the sweet essnce of your poems perfect peace! Another special jewel Linda…reading it made my day!


  2. O, I love this, Linda……….. I found myself swaying forward and back, leaning into the embrace that is the soul’s light (a light you share so well). Absolutely beautiful. ~ Love to you always, Bobbie


  3. Oh Linda – this will be one I will return to over and over again… It does have a rhythm mimicing the sea itself! Just something very special here — and of course you know how I feel about the sacred sea ~ Thank you dear one ~ tons of Love ~RL


    1. I am so touched that you, Robyn, feel this way about the poem. I especially feel grateful that it would meet with your spirit. Thank you deeply for your comment and love. I send so much back to you, that you know, love Linda


  4. I think those were waves…the sounds of the tide coming ashore..
    Breath-taking Linda….your words have a calming effect as one reads them
    Thank you for sharing….beautiful as always
    I love the photo….it has many poems within it
    Take Care…


  5. “Could the dawn have known eve’s hue, it would have held its’ breath for you.” The grace of these words resonates deeply with me, as does your beautiful poem. I, too, love the spirit of the sea; I feel it’s soul and its heartbeat as my own. This poem held me spellbound … there is a wealth of wisdom here. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  6. I love the repetition, the rhythm of this one. It is definitely music to the soul and heart through the eye!

    ‘Could the dawn have known eve’s hue,
    it would have held its’ breath for you.’

    Oh, how lovely that is!


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