Come Softly ~a poem by Linda Willows

Photograph by Serjio

Come softly as the breath falls low,
Sweetly in as with Love’s flow.
I wish no other now at last.
Three breaths I have.
Three breaths to the task.

One to leave as all I know,
The memories, paths, all left to go.
Forgotten moments still to breach
Many tremors left to tow.

Next to exhale as pure love
For all the beauty, the sweetness of
Each day, each moment that I knew,
That Lord, it was all, all completely You.

The last to Trace as lone Breath’s Grace
I catch the Wind as she leaves embrace.
This my own, my only one face
ever was true…in the days of this place.

Leave falling low
fall softly still
what find here is Hearts true will.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Susana Munoz

17 thoughts on “Come Softly ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Each breath on the wind which carries the voices, the breath of 1000 generations, even as yours and mine. I love how themes make their way through WordPress on different days. This morning on Make Believe Boutique In Blue talked about the wind and it’s whispers to us. Two nights ago when walking I looked up and in just that moment a breeze spoke through the high limbs of the trees.
    yes, the wind comes softly to us and through us …. Beautiful Linda


    1. The Wind, ancient symbol for the Breath of God, Spirit is surely never not with us….it is one of the mightiest images, and True Experiences in all Faiths, Spiritual Paths and Mystical Heart Memories. It is said…”closer than our breath…as with it we find the Life of God….”.


  2. Wonder ,who could never hold the wind???
    except of you my dear Linda as you suceeded that, writing a so touching excellent Poem..
    You are a GREAT POET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. thank you dearest Persefoni, I cannot hold the wind, but I may “bear it”, “allow it”, and as Spirit would grant, be inspired by it that It’s Slightest Touch does deeply stir me….
      thank you for your support, love, Linda


  3. Such deep and abiding spirit ~ treasured wind of the soul. The Lakota believe that the breath of the first man exists within all of us, carried from one to another ~ shared and breathed again and again, such that always we find a familiar place (a part of us held separate). I love this, Linda. God is breath within us again and again, as it was in the beginning. Only a poet can measure the silences between. Always, I am in awe of your understanding of love, light, and eternal life (started now). Breathe and become…….. 🙂 Love you always, Bobbie


  4. Wind allows those who understand her to hold her a fraction longer … so that others might come to understand her glory and perfection. You understand, dear friend, and so are blessed to carry messages … which you share so beautifully. Thank you. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


    1. Thank you Valerie…writing this one poem was an unusual experience for me, It felt literally written on Breath…my own breath slowed and labored as it was written as if in some “place in between”…It was soft, Godly…..


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