“Soul kissed” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Heaven touched my face and lips,
as dew in gentle spirit’s kiss.
It rushed these Petals here for the bliss
that I might feel the soul of such wish.

Only in the gentle midst
Of sacred gather in those mists,
would I come to find the rustling hush
that follows love’s first sacred rush.

That and all born tender such
as Heaven finds my Hearts’ love touch,
is wondrous, kind and dear to the tips
of soul met parts of this Heart, when kissed.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Esteban Rios

20 thoughts on ““Soul kissed” ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. Dearest Lesley, I am so grateful for you as a reader, for your fine tuned and deep-hearted ability to receive what I give….with great insight understanding and love. All my love to you!


  1. Another soooooooooooooo beautifull poem my Linda…what a GREAT  talent you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so by my Soul kissess to you


  2. It reminds me of a beautiful sonnet or poem written by Shakespeare in the way that you joyfully bring your words to dance vibrantly into my mind. You always deliver sweet blessings with your gift Linda…really a very bountiful spiritual ride! A beautiful offering!


  3. Dearest Linda, I am always in awe of the intimacy of your words. Even the delicate nature of a flower is as real as my hands on the keyboard. I believe (I know) there is a connection between you and the universe, and that has no choice but to come through in your words. The universe is drawn to you and you to it – magnets. Always, we are drawn to those things (those events, people, places) that we are already connected to. Writing is merely a physical expression of something already inside of us. What a beautiful view to the light that is you, Linda. ~ Love to you always, Bobbie


  4. So passionately expressed – spiritual and Divinely poetic…. with such deep feeling– These words just stuck with me, “of Soul met parts of this Heart, due kissed” xo Much Love to you Linda ~ Robyn


  5. It is easy to see these word in a very physical sense, touching the body, causing the goose bumps of sensation, yet they transcend into another realm – I like that word – where things are not so tangible, not so ‘real’ yet just as, or maybe more so, – true – and there you have it, words that paint the truth for all eyes to see and hearts to I think ‘dew kissed’ … Blessings, Love and Light – Peter


  6. Oh, Linda, this poem wove a spell … so gentle, such tender soul-speak that caresses. The sheer beauty of your words bring tears to my eyes and touches my heart. I love this. Sending you gentle hugs and love, my dear friend. ~ Julie xoxox


    1. your soul tears, Julie are those of a deep and most beautiful heart that reads and receives with such depth and beauty that it magnify each word that you say. My gratitude to you. Love always, Linda


  7. You are such an amazing poet. So inspiring. I could comment “Beautiful” on each and every poem you write. The essence of each lingers with me and most linger with me for some time after I read them. So never mistaken my not commenting for not reading, because you are on my toolbar and I read each heartfelt poem and consider them a personal gift most everyday! Keep writing. It reverberates your sweet energy around the globe. Blessings, Sammi


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