The Devour ~a poem by Linda Willows

Life found return
To this hearts’ sojourn
A moment, ne’re last
Lives to tell of all learned.
To wake once again
more and then, left fallen.
Yet the rise remains with the Power
All again, in this morning Hour.
Speak not of sour,
I loved the devour…

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Dirk Juergensen

16 thoughts on “The Devour ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. I do Love your poem Linda
    i have some links to suggest you if you intersting ,so i will give you my mail when you have time i will be glad to communicate…


  2. Wonderful words and image is an amazing match ~ to “love the devour” ~ to feel safe in the surrendering… powerful to contemplate~ to return and begin again. Thank you for sharing this Linda ~ so enjoyed, Much Love to you ~ Robyn


    1. thank you again Robyn for a fascinating insight with great dept of perspective. As we continue on our sojourn….(the soul in life experiences seeking meaning, purpose and destination; Home) we are faced with many trails. Our journey casts long shadows as well as revelation of Light. We begin each day (each infinite moment) as new. When and and As the sojourn “slips” into this constant “rise of Power”….all again is Morning, Light, and anything “held” as would be old trails…are “devoured”. consumed by the Power of the Infinite Present and the Infinite Presence. Nothing of the past is “sour”, or bad…it is used as fire, kindling for the Fire of the Energy of Presence. We rise. Love to you and thank you for challenging me to more fully examine the poem with your beautiful Heart. Linda


    2. Thank you Linda …. so appreciate your further expansion here… and it is so much how I felt it upon reading it first few times…. though validates a lot to hear your own examination. Beautiful and spiritual work — as always!! xo


  3. This is such a beautiful, powerful poem, and I love the gorgeous photo with it – what a beautiful complement to your lovely words. I came back to read this several times. ~ Much love and hugs to you, dear Linda, from Julie xoxox


    1. Thank you dear friend Julie. I just spoke about it more with explanation, my own…of it’s potential meaning. I think that a poem can have many meanings and interpreted in different ways. I am so glad that you “felt” it! Love you so much!


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