“My Sweetened Tear” ~a poem by Linda Willows

The Light bore cheer
And twice appeared
How grace did
seem to
bring it near.
I grasped my heart
with deep revere.
How did it
know my
sweetened tear?

Gift of Its’ shine,
a Love,
purely mine.
It rests
and entwines
with such Peace
as is Thine.
Such treasure
twice blessed
by the
One true Divine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Artur Zdanowski

17 thoughts on ““My Sweetened Tear” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. My dearest Linda,do you really know how important is that poem???do you now that by an ancient some philoshopy theoris mention the number 2 (so impressive too ,as twice here in your poem included )
    as the number of the LOVE???and the ONE as so in wisdom mention here one time is the number of God”s True power???when One and 2 combine together for good ,the humanity will live blessed more days..
    for sure a DIVINE POEM..more than maybe you can guess.
    i dont like analise a poem and the theories are just theories ,dont folow them as blind but till someone approve to me the hidden Truth inside them
    And a poet always because is in hug with the True is the only One that carry the True.
    your Soul touch the True and because of that ,touch tender our hearts so much ..
    I would like also to congrats you as your choice of the photographs that you select fit so perfect always with your poetry..
    with all my respect and Love


    1. my Dearest Persefoni,
      I did not know of these things when I wrote the poem but find it fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and esoteric knowledge. It does fit perfectly with the intent and inner meaning of the poem! I am also glad that you like the photo, I did such an exhaustive search this morning looking for “Light”…., all my love to you and with you! Linda


  2. Artistry in words, it is so hard to equate twice in language, then into feeling yet in this you have done it twice! Each stanza, the first opening with the reflection the second reflecting the light into the heart, I love your style —-gs (Peter)


  3. It is truly a miraculous thing when ‘grace does know’ ~ What a lovely expression of your own grace in this lovely piece Linda — and your generous gratitude for the Loving Light that shines upon you. So enjoyed it — and terrific image to match ~ Much Love to you ~Robyn


  4. Oh, wow. Wow. Your sweetened tear joined mine, and went straight to my heart with this truly exquisite poem … I think this must be my ‘new’ favorite of your poems …. Much love to you, my dear friend. ~ Julie xoxox


  5. One of your most remarkable gifts, Linda, is your feminine intuition. It blows through your words, words and feeling without limit. You use your understanding (your divine beauty) to bless those you love and all you meet, so that we are all beneficiaries of your joy ~ of your grace. Femininity is part of the God-given divinity within you ~ a part of your incomparable power and influence to do good. I am blessed. We are blessed………you are love. ~ Always, Bobbie


    1. thank you for such gracious words. We all must do justice to the God-given divinity within. I didn’t think about ‘feminine intuition’ as a gift but if I think to describe it as that coming from grace, or a part that looks to God, the divine…then I understand. Perhaps you have a greater understanding on this than I. Thank you for you beautiful perspective! Love to you from me, always!


      1. I could be wrong, but I feel that compassion and knowledge are both feminine traits of God. Beyond wisdom that is attained, is one that is felt by the heart and breathed into the soul. There are surely exceptions, but as a rule, I find that is a feminine inheritance. ~ Love, B


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