Love bears Witness ~a poem by Linda Willows

Love does not wait
upon permissions
nor partake
in time nor rule.
It flows with all abandon
as if had
in a duel.
Cannot be captured
lest be lessened.
Not be owned
lest be “known”.
Love releases wings
to soaring flight,
bearing witness
To Birth
of Light.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photographs by Shirley Jean

21 thoughts on “Love bears Witness ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. Thank you, Love does flow in the quake of freedom…It sees no rule to lessen its pour; seeks no authority to permit Itself…and is alive to the Truth of a fearless soar……I appreciate your comment!


  1. Linda, I really love the images, and with your poem blending its captivating energy…i feel lucky to have been touched by its magic this morning! It is such a beautiful and melodic statement of truth from your life. May God always continue to bless your heart with such soothing words!


  2. Beautiful, Linda, and I’m sorry I’ve missed so many of your posts…I’ve been ill, then had family visiting, so I’ll do my best to catch up with you! Hope you are well and sending much love! xo


  3. Love, because it IS love, always is the primary witness to the release of live-giving light anywhere, anytime. How marvelous of you to capture this reality so beautifully!


  4. So strong and eloquent Linda! – Love prevails beyond all things material, beyond ego, beyond, worldly matters — Love really is one with God/Source/ — I call it “Universal Truth”~ and can only be felt with open heart and soul.. This is a wonderful verse –
    ” Cannot be captured
    lest be lessened.
    Not be owned
    lest be “known”. “

    So enjoyed this!! Exhilarating to ponder! xo Much Love for you Linda ~R


    1. Dearest Robyn, I am so happy that you extracted the highest meaning from the verse and brought even greater clarity to the lines that you quoted. Your interpretation is perfect and wise and yes…can only be felt by the Open (Fearless) Heart and the Soul…..and with respect to being “captured”; a ‘thing’ can only be captured by something greater than itself….And Love of the magnitude that I speak of, is born of Divine Love….It’s Greater is nothing other than The God Presence or “Universal Truth”, called by many Names. Truth….God, does not ‘capture’ or attempt to “own” Itself. It already Is all Being…….such with Love. Thank you for your insight and for allowing me to probe deeper into this verse with myself as well as you! Love to you, my lovely friend, Linda


  5. I know some her have heard this before but I’ll say it anyway “Does the bird fly because it has wings or does it have wings because it can fly” therefor does the heart love because it has compassion or does it have compassion because it loves …


    1. Love ‘s nature produces compassion, I would see compassion and acts of compassion as a result of Love and the Presence of Love. When love flows, compassion comes to being as its child. The Heart and Soul Open, receive and become the Presence of Love…compassion, which means to ” act with Love” is an Active Loving, like one of the many qualities of the Nature of Love, just as fearlessness is a quality of Love. Thank you again for your wonderful comment Peter. You are such a beautiful Soul. Love, Linda


  6. Absolutely beautiful, dear Linda … I have my sisters visiting this week, but will catch up, probably on Friday. Sending buckets of love and gentle hugs ~ Julie xoxox


  7. I don’t know how you do it, Linda, how you can turn into words, something that is all-encompassing and formless. You really are a channel for universal love.


  8. Love simply is, without aspiration to be more (for surely it cannot). Once given rules, it becomes something less. In truth, in trying to describe it, we make it less. Love…… simply all ~ simply love. I love this, Linda….as I know you know already. ~ Always with love, Bobbie


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