My Soul does Dance ~a poem by Linda Willows

My soul does dance in breaths that soar,
far beyond and through, kept still no more.
How do I feel?.. like I am in ‘heaven’s midst’.
Dear God, it is the sweetest kiss.

My soul, it dances hearing Your Song
in waves of love, oh, the music stays long.
How do I feel? a child bathed in sweet rain.
Dear God, it is like the pour from Love’s true vein.

©2012 Linda Willows; republish 2016

Photograph by Niko Nedelkovski

14 thoughts on “My Soul does Dance ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. The Lakota in their last days of before fully surrendering to the reservation learned the ‘Ghost Dance ‘ from a vision of an elder. They would don a white shirt and dance for days until they reach a state of ecstasy that would protect them even from bullets… Ecstatic. Dance has a long tradition as you well point out in these words…


    1. I can easily see that and imagine how sacred that was. Dance, as it begins to spiral into the energy of the Soul is a very powerful conduit. We anchor from the Heart and then there are many traditions which follow in various cultures and mystic paths to God…to All Love Divine. It’s beauty and wonder is in each of us, can be touched, felt, breathed and motioned into being. Oh, we are all Dancers of the Soul…


  2. A divine Love that all deserve …
    Excellent photo too and this women looks like you dear Linda…or is your Soul that iam looking now that does Dance


    1. Dearest Persefoni,
      Yes, a Divine Love…it is That. You and I both see me in the photo but it is not of me. I felt her Spirit as a Dancer and was inspired. My Soul dances….
      with all Love, forever, until


  3. The dance of the soul…. such a lovely thought for me to ponder today. I adore movement and miss having this freedom but agree that the spiraling does not always need be physical to be Divine…. “not to weep for sadness due, but for he joy of knowing You”… Just stunning ~ Thank you Dear Linda ~ Much Love, Robyn


    1. it is not necessary to move the physical body to feel the joy of this inner dance. It is true that I did dance and have this passion, but the poem and the prayer speak of the stirring of motion, ‘The Spiraling’ as you put it precisely is a Dance in it itself which is pure Energy. Why would it need to be physical at all to be divine, it could begin with the breath alone..which is our deepest connection. We lift the hands, the face turns to light…within, at the speaking of divine words of prayer, the heart is motioned…we spin…we begin to dance…and we can allow it to motion our Souls to call out to God. ….our lives, our mortal hearts…all else falls into perspective; we cannot weep but for joy. “not to weep for sadness due, but for the joy of knowing You”…


      1. So very touching. I do agree — it really is all within — and the breath is a major ‘mover’ so to speak ~ Loved your post today Linda !! xo Thank you!


  4. “Dancing in breaths that soar”, oh to feel the daily joy of pure sweet life from Him. As i read your words in my mind i saw myself being lifted, and happily i danced among the clouds while receiving His kiss of bliss as it energized my entire being. What beautiful words that dance in freedom born of heavens sweet tranquility. I have become drunk on the power of your words in such a great way! Today in spirit, your joy is my joy and our joy is one with our sisters and brothers who love the Lord…as we all bathe as one in His grace. An awesome and very lifting rhapsody of words…thanks Linda for the dance!


  5. Oh, Linda, I have missed your words. I have just returned from a place of dance ~ every living thing knows this primal wonder ~ the leaves, the trees, the waters rushing toward the sea, the rain pouring through the light, stars emptying from the moon. What a beautiful reminder of our place in the dance of life. ~ Love you, Bobbie


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