“This, the Wonder of a Day”, a poem by Linda Willows

Journey at the break of day;
it hallows me, it marks my way.
All my reasons fall away.
I sanctify and fall to pray.
Leaves of umber, green and rust
You lay upon the ground I trust.
Sacred earth is tendered there
Godly wonders everywhere.

Take my arms that open wide.
Here’s my heart, my ended strife;
Take all into thy Side- my path of life,
Your step, Your Stride.
This the wonder of a day,
Each step brings round once more the Way.

Gird my dreams that fall too far,
they run like wind and fly to the stars.
Morning dew comes sweet and soft,
there with steps, I’ll not get lost.
Shine with gladness, goodness through-
There I walk. In Peace, with You.

©2012 Linda Willows

20 thoughts on ““This, the Wonder of a Day”, a poem by Linda Willows

      1. Love flowing right back to you..the fields have been pivotal and may feature heavily in future posts! I move from my friends next Saturday, but only next door. Spirit work in wonderous ways. I wish you a great weekend Linda, much love to you xxxxx


  1. I want to say the poem is beautiful Linda, but I realize that it is your heart, and therefore your witnessing that is beautiful. Lots of love to you. Yaz


  2. I do love this Linda — hope – newness – breath – trust …. it’s all food for my soul ~ “take my arms that open wide” …. wonderful writing and matching image perfect! Much Love to you friend ~ Robyn


  3. Thanks, Love,Robyn…I too enjoy the image of ‘taking with my arms open wide’. It implies an abandon and love that cannot be “holding” on to anything else! Something very significant in my thinking and feeling…All love to you this New Day!


    1. Thank you so much, your words are special. I know the days have great meaning to you and the sacred heart that you have comes through in your own writings….love to you, Linda


  4. You surely knew I would love this, especially the arms opened wide…….pushing into the open. Beautiful marriage of word to image……..but even moreso, of love to the reader. Thank you for this gift – this view to your soul, Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie


  5. Ahh, lovely words, my dear friend; a testament to the sacred in God, in Mother Earth, and in your own heart … words that soothe the spirit and invoke gratitude for all that is. I love this; beautifully written. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  6. I am so happy that you especially included the tribute to God, to Mother Earth…the deep embracing comfort of her warm shoulders, (I think of all hills even as a “mother’s shoulders”..) the tenderness of nature, all of the beauty, even the ferocity of rushing waters as in the photo below…oh there is so much that inspires and reflects love..that to add the warmth of the morning sun upon the mist becomes a Kiss from the forest….All this I think and feel when I would be pausing at the sacred mounds of Mother Earth. Love, for this, and all of our fortune…..Julie, our fortune, Linda


  7. Linda, I simply loved this poem, that wonderful connection to the earth and to All that is, beautifully put. I also loved the pictures in which the mystery and the beauty of creation are so clearly shown – the words and pictures both inspirational and re-affirming


    1. Thank you Valerie, I can feel that this is a poem that you would relate to…you have such a beautiful and vast appreciation of life and carry “wonder” in your heart, a very special quality, one that not only asks questions, but dearly and tenderly “listens” to Life and the Sacred as well. It is, as we both known, in this Sacred Listening that we grow in our connection and gratitude to the Divine in All. I send my deepest love to you. I feel your beautiful Heart., Linda


      1. Dear Linda,
        I’ve only just discovered these beautiful words in response to my comment ( I’ve found this section called notifications! A whole new world has opened up!)
        you are such an appreciative person, you make the person you’re speaking to feel very special.
        What a gift to have, and what a gift to give. Thank you for the love you send across the world.


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