“Loves’ Tender Reign”, a poem by Linda Willows


I stand upon such sacred ground
not born of this world, yet here in Heart’s mound.

Tender to touch, still fragile as dust,
I pray Love to be found in all Life’s abound.

Willing to open with the Graced gentle flow,
I cast all lost tears and lay rest in a glow.

Swept thus into, the whole of Love’s Reign;
my soul, I pray, is freed in God’s gain.

©2012 Linda Willows

22 thoughts on ““Loves’ Tender Reign”, a poem by Linda Willows

  1. ΑWE!!!!!!!!!!!
    your voice like an echo,coming from the future ..
    from the soul’s reign.
    A poem most i LOVE and bring a Hope and a wish..
    my wish,
    to reborn
    to be close both,
    as my soul’s choice and a promise,
    to you.
    the photo is amazing too..


  2. At the core of our mortal hearts lies the “mound” or portal which embraces our Transcendent Heart, This One which is immortal, the Core of Soul, our Self which Journeys Throughout All, yet able to identify and have Known Being with our Source Divine. That….Pure Love as one could not fathom with our mortal minds at all, yet we name It by Many.

    Tender and Fragile is the Human touch as we deepen and must lose layer upon layer of “self” to reach this True Heart. We find that the Trust that we own and vulnerability is formerly placed upon things which are impermanent…that which will fall away, not always of its own will or accord, but of Life’s rotation…When we ultimately Trust and bear ourselves to that which can never die, never fall away; we are given full Bound of Life, or all sheds to arrive at a freedom which exist only in the Realm of Love’s Reign, It’s will be done…..


  3. Ah my dear Linda dont get in trouble thoughts your so Fine absrtact mind ,to understand my Alien sometimes Language…as is easy to write something complicate and not in right American so not at all well understood by anyone .
    I was in a bit silence last years and is my first time to get close again to poetry and mainly ,to your soul’s poems….. all are a part in the way that you wrote them of me…as of so many others here and there.
    A great presious gift.
    Thanks so much with my heart


  4. Again so deep and beautiful Linda… the ultimate freedom, to be one with self. I sometimes think some are drawn in a very strong way into this direction during their lifetime… that willingness to be “swept into the whole of Love’s reign”… Stunning… Much Love to you, R


    1. Being drawn into the direction of a willingness to be “swept into the whole of Love’s reign” seems to be the necessity and willing surrender of one that has both glimpsed a firm vision of the Illumined Reality, enough for an altered view of all, ALL….and also of one that has ultimately gone round the circle of desire, fear and need enough times to be able to release the rotation and spin out into a freedom of the level of True Heart. This is my understanding. It is just beginning thoughts, and very limited. Most is the simple act of Loving, Loving, Loving! To you! dearest friend, Robyn! Love to you!


      1. So appreciate your inspired wisdom Linda — it all resonates with what I know to be true…. and even in the midst of my own physical struggle – I somehow just KNOW all of this in the deepest layers of my heart. xxoo Much Love as that is the center of it all, isn’t it? ~ 😉


  5. Truly inspired beauty, Linda. Your words speak to the tender sacred intent of life, of God–to move us continuously toward our truth (our source), toward recovering all that is lost and orphaned within us and restoring the divine image imprinted on our soul. Such intent is not masked, but aware in every breath, every beating of every drum to one music ~ one love ~ one one. Love you, my dear one. ~ Always, Bobbie


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