“Rushed Love” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Rushed Love
An unknown blush, scent of petals clutched
Flew gently through; I felt, I touched…
The flush of Sweet just whispered by,
My heart rushed Love in graced reply.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photographs by Anna S.

14 thoughts on ““Rushed Love” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Goodness…are these your photos too? They are stunning.Your words, leave so much up to the reader’s interpretation…it interpreted in a profound way with me….thank you for that.


      1. I wish that I had that gift as well, but enough to concentrate upon writing! I have passion for the work of photographers and their art! I am glad that the words found their way to resonate in your beautiful heart….Love to you, Linda


  2. Always in rush our soul ,in speed of light to take experience…..and the greatest of all Love..
    Another so touching poem by you my Linda


    1. My Dearest Persefoni, Love, touched, bared, blushed….and then left to Scent sweet flushed; it is the speed of Love’s light that is so gentle, so touching and such mystery……with mine to you, Linda


  3. So very touching. I am not surprised, but I did a short haiku that is not published yet and it reflects some of what you have created here… even with my 5/7/5 limits – we chose some same words!!! Not sure when I’ll post it but I believe I titled it “To Become” — so you will see. This was special — perfect images to accompany a powerful poetic verse … Much Love to you Linda ~RL


  4. No never too many words when they are all so rich and filled with genuine love and wisdom as yours always are Linda — think I got it all.. “planetary alignment” ~ heart/body/mind/soul – all such a beautiful vision and affirmation that there is more than we could ever comprehend in our earthly/mortal state. Much Love and Gratitude ~ Robyn


  5. My sweet Linda, this is intoxicating! Last Saturday, I lay under a tree in my backyard and for hours, parted the sea of clover, searching for four leafs. But each one ~ o, each one was a treasure ~ an infinite world of green. I imagine eternities far beyond our ability to understand (to imagine) in those tiny places. Always, nature reminds me that God is much bigger than I know (and much smaller too). And even more, I am reminded of my likeness to each and my love for all. This is beautiful. You are beautiful……. Thank you, Linda. ~ All my love, Bobbie


  6. The most beautiful of feelings when you embrace the essence of pure love and its fragrance, and when you know that your embrace is acknowledged, you will always want this inspiring love to stay in your life, greeting you every morning with a taste of sweet heavenly bliss. Breathtaking image, and words! I am swept away by its touch!


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