“I, Woman” ~a poem by Linda Willows


I, woman, do not slumber,
nor do dream of valleys deep,
no soft caress or tender’s weep.
This heart alone, it cannot sleep.

Chambers left, a night that spans
the oft reflections not outdone.
Not ten thousand lights more sun
could comfort bind, restore; this one.

I, woman, heed, and fall.
I feel too much; perhaps it all.
Let me sleep, God’s grace be kind,
I offer thee -this life assigned.

Make me woman tender, good.
Do let my heart live as it should.
Grant that I am freed, extolled.
And take the dawn’s first love tenfold.

I am, I am, woman yours, God all-told.

©2012 Linda Willows


27 thoughts on ““I, Woman” ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. Woman, I…if I am true to this one heart…it must be so for more natures than one. We are connected so. We Love so deeply, and, Each part of God’s Divine Nature and calling. Love to you. Thank you for your presence here, Linda


  1. Is an Hymn to the woman,,,an Hymn to the earth…an Hymn to the Creator of Light…
    So Gratefulness, cause your soul is a reflection as carry that Light..
    Divine the Poem and the Photo ..
    My deepest Love


    1. with such Gratitude for your Presence and honored by your words,dear Persefoni,.I,..All, Woman, thank you for your Own deepest Calling in this Hymm to the Divine..my inspiration. my love, Linda


  2. Oh, dear Linda, you know I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I – woman. I – love!! I am lost for words that would begin to do this justice……… Namaste, dear Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie


    1. I – Love your words of support and friendship! You know it really goes right to my heart which like your own, oh…does so tender and lean into the welcome kindness love and support of a friend, thank you so much, Linda


  3. Woman, not girl, the longing to regain that innocence, to hold again the sweetness on new love. No, it is not the hearts failing, rather the hearts unfolding. I read once that 10,000 was the largest number the brain could imagine and grasp. All those nights are just one in the land of the soul, which returns her grace… She is divine… I often ask – when did God become a man?


    1. such beauty and grace in your words, Peter. I love the understanding that you offer that it is the “heart’s Unfolding rather than the Heart’s failing”, so beautiful. Thank you


  4. What a fabulous image. I very much connected to this piece Linda. It’s beautiful and I am one of those who perhaps ‘feels too much’ ~ though as you so eloquently express here — would not want to loose that sensitivity for I know it’s also a blessing, a gift and my connection to the Divine. Much Love dear one ~ always appreciate your spiritual wisdom and inspired words. ~ Robyn


  5. I feel this connection very deeply, my dear friend … I, woman, feel your soul, your heart, your words … sending you much love, dear Linda. ~ Always, Julie xoxox


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