“Sweet Roar” ~a Poem by Linda Willows


Lord, lift this frame, that designs me so.
My heart cannot still, it must learn to let go.

Allowance may pour through the fount of Love’s door
Yet the fray of dark days set new fires at the fore.
Pour through the flames lest none but Thy Light
Brings You close; finds my heart, tends my all through the night.

Lord, take all names that resign me, so
I can not- will not, belong to their tow.
Lift off from this frame “what tears me from you”,
Bring my heart near, bind me to your Singular Pew.

Come mark my tent with your sacred Love’s pour.
Call me out. Let Life in. I can hear sweet Love’s roar.

Bless every year, every tear that let go.
God take the frame, for my Heart is aglow.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Jorge Maiia

27 thoughts on ““Sweet Roar” ~a Poem by Linda Willows

  1. Knowing we exist through the work of some great hand (to use a word that poorly describes the wonder of creation) is a rare gift, a moment that many would rather avoid, than to think that what we do has meaning and affects all of creation ….


    1. If I understand you, you are describing a question as to the existence as the difference between Faith and a Response to Faith which propels one to examine their life, find great meaning in existence through the wonder of God as Love through all of the Expressions and Manifestations of our Being, that we, can become a Living Faith. Not a foreign member which looks to a star unknown, rather one, Familiar with and In the Light that stands to rise and fall with its Coming and Becoming. ~Heart, Linda


  2. To say yes to it all… even the tears — to bless it all… to allow the love. Very moving Linda ~ deep secrets of joyful life encompassed in your words… I can sense it. ~ Much Love dear friend ~ R


  3. my dear Robyn, In order to truly “see” and re-Cognize something, as you do in the way you observe Life and the Reflections of God, you must first Be it- The Eye of perception would Have such purity of view and lack of personal filters… You, as you say, truly are “A Healing Lens”, for you see with the clarity of “Being”. Love ever, Linda


  4. So moving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..to acept with humility ALL ……with open heart and clear soul eyes.


    1. Thank you, my dear sweet Persefoni, I am so glad that you like it, that it moves your spirit! I came to me almost whole born, after waking…a gift. not for me. to share. With all Love and joy at your message, It gives me such happiness,


      1. yes my dearest ..i know well and miss that feel of writing poems…now at last 4 years iam focus in photography and temporary i ”Lost”” my poetics skills….but i found you from so far but so close )))to complete in a perfect excellent frame my photos as i was dream to be
        ..so i bless for that and for so many others and for every my breath the ONE source that we call God
        …your poem is writen by a soul who knows ( as is the leader for other souls ) the way out from darkness to the light…my name Persefoni from Greek mythology means in internal way excactly that…Persefoni lives 6 months down in earth in darkness and 6 months up …Persefoni is my life…is the life of humanity
        Hugs and kisses


  5. My goodness, what a page – what images, and what poetry.

    I am sick from work today (off sick) as I’m suffering stress and anxiety. Little butterflies, drained energy, trembling – just life. But what I’m actually wanting to say is how grounding, how beautiful, how wonderful these pages are. Love the imagery and poetry. Really, cheers to you. I enjoyed my time here.



  6. I am so glad that you felt some joy during your time here, that I through the spirit and word may touch your life. you send me cheer me, I cannot smile brighter without needing you to know that I understand the deep burden that the feeling which you have described must cast upon your Heart and press into the free breath of your aching spirit. Your Soul, so Tall and Wise in its Expression and Identity, lifts, and anxiety, the great deceiver lifts to reveal true meaning. You, The You of Deep Heart within breathes deeply, with joy and finally with Peace. This is my smile for you, Love, Linda


  7. Such a blessing these words are to me, what feelings of hope and light they evoke….I thank you from my heart!
    And I’m in love with that picture! Always stunned by your taste in photography…..


  8. “God take the frame, for the soul, it is Near.” Wow. Complete surrender to All … an acceptance, an embracing of all that makes us; and yet we are only frames to create the portrait. It is what lies deep within the heart and soul that is the true picture. This moved me deeply, and touched my core. Beautiful, my dear friend, I love this so much. ~ Love and gentle hugs, Julie xoxox


  9. It is wonderful to reach out, to feell, to embrace, and taste of so great a love that finds forever life within us. Sometimes i feel have i done enough to describe this prized treasure of mine who delights my spirit each day…but in your words my heart delights for you show the path to it for all with eyes to see. Remarkable poem Linda, and so beautiful to awaken to! Thanks for always sharing your self-less heart!


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