Marvin Hamlisch, “Forever, and After That” …..remembrance

At my Heart’s Request
I pause…
To honor and celebrate
The life of Composer,
Marvin Hamlisch,
who Passed away so quickly
yesterday at 68 years old.
Brilliant Musician,
Artist and Beloved Friend
to many, he was also a
devoted husband
for 25 yrs to
his loving wife, Terre.
I salute you both, love you both.

“Forever, and after that.”

photo. Ziko Nedelkovski

21 thoughts on “Marvin Hamlisch, “Forever, and After That” …..remembrance

  1. …and in the gifts he shared with us, he shall know what all who love know ~ that in this place (and so many more) there is eternal life. Love allows us to always live beyond our lives. Thank you for sharing this heart-felt testament to a man of light. ~ Much love to you, Linda. ~ Bobbie


  2. thank you, I love your comment, It wish my wish that we send blessings and prayers to his wife, Terre; she was at his side for 25 years and very devoted. All Love to lovely Terre as well in this difficult time. ~Heart


    1. he was like a genius in every way, his mind worked at a different pace and definitely in his own special creative space. More important, as a person, he had much heart, glow, warmth and the best sense of humor that I can ever recall. He was a bundle of light and creativity and joy and heart that sparked creation, wonder and a mastery of music that is uncommon, a magical man…very loved, Linda


  3. This planet for sure is more poor now ,when we had to say good buy to the kindness and sensitivity to a light soul as your great friend was and still is and will be in your heart dear Linda…
    i can hear his soul music through your soul and this is a great gift for his memory by you..
    my deapest sympathy and my Love to all his beloved close persons..
    and most of all to you my dearest Linda..


  4. Prayers sent to his wife, to you and his friends and the world that will miss such a wonderful man of ‘light’ … our loss is Heaven’s gain. (((Hugs))) xoxox


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