Fly right through a Hearts skipped beat ~by Linda Willows

Does the fragile bear the light
Carry with it threads that might
Stream above, beyond and between
That which oft is not easily seen?

Dwelling in and from, amidst…
It tells the tales that may be missed.
Fly right through a heart’s skipped beat,
It bears no semblance to defeat.

Delicate in ways of mind
Sometimes its wings are not to find.
Folded in the lap of thee
They wait. Oh Lord, they wait for me.

©2012 Linda Willows


12 thoughts on “Fly right through a Hearts skipped beat ~by Linda Willows

  1. Linda, there is a tenderness to this piece that I can’t quite describe. It whispers from your words, and the image is perfect for even there is the sigh of truth (beneath the wings of love). Truly, I am always in awe of your gifts. ~ Love, Bobbie


  2. So true your message — seems to say to me that there so much wonder and joy that we might miss if we aren’t open and aware — yet – as you say “they wait for me” (if we are) so all we have to do is allow and receive ~ stunning image and loved the poem dear Linda ~ much Love, RL


    1. your vision into the poem is beautiful, especially “through the lens” of open acceptance and awareness. Fragility is not a wonder that is weak, I see it rather as a refinement of focus in the Now that produces heightened sensitivity of an esoteric nature, the higher senses. The cup that holds wine for water is more delicate… ~my Heart to Yours, Linda


  3. Oh yes….who can tell how many of these threads we miss in a day…..I know it is so, because when I catch one, it is such a precious thing I treasure and hold onto as I have a glimpse of it. It lies in my hand winds its way through my heart, until eventually, a gust of wind blows it away, I suppose onto the next soul who may or may not glimpse of it’s beauty….and all I can do is stand and look up at it fly away, giving a silent thanks to the one who sent it….but I know as I go on about my journey, if I watch closely, another will come to touch me once again with it’s blessing…..
    letting go is such a challenge of life, and a measure of the man/woman within….but alas, it builds character…..
    Such a very beautiful poem, my lady….it inspired me deeply and made me think…..
    I appreciate you so much….
    love you sincerely,


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