“The Shaping of a Moment” ~Life is Beautiful Photo and Prose from Linda Willows ~8.4.2012

My belief in the impossible, suspended.
Gone…just now.
I sway far with Love’s endow.
Oh, sweet precision.
Be it Thou?

Here seems my place, my claim, my Vow…
In the elegant shaping of a moment,
and in the mint
of the Soul’s true Allow.

©2012 Linda Willows

gratitude for photo by Billy Holliday

19 thoughts on ““The Shaping of a Moment” ~Life is Beautiful Photo and Prose from Linda Willows ~8.4.2012

      1. Dearest Cat,
        I just listening to the music that you sent. I loved it! I smiled all the way through. What a perfect and beautiful choice. Thank you so very much. All my love, Linda


      2. i was just thinking of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought – i think she will like it !!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like your heart =to me xx
        Debussy is one of my faves forever ………xx
        wishing you a beautiful beautiful day xoxo
        allllllll my love xo


    1. We are all on a similar wavelength! The is so much wisdom in Allowing. And it can be applied in such different ways. I am still smiling from your post today, Robyn, Love, Linda,


  1. I love this, Linda for truly the only thing standing between us and EVERYTHING else is us. Love is often not defined by what we dream, but what we allow to be. Truly lovely. ~ Love you, Bobbie


  2. you are right Bobbie, thank you for clarifying that. Well, Everything is God and we allow, ourselves to open to this, we find that we Are love, dreaming left behind like the haze before Dawn. But our eyes need be open and Heart need be allowed to fully breathe in to the Shaping (the body of the Soul that lives) that we fully experience the grace of this kind of vow. I am really speaking to anyone that reads this, to further explain the poem.. Thank you, Bobbie for your listening, all my love, Linda


  3. Your words are always that sweet whisper that we wait for to soothe our hearts and spirits each night…the beauty of your words are like a river so beautiful and never ending, so satisfying and always fullfillng…they always taste of your love! They always shape my mind a little bit more than before…making your words always a delicious delight to read! Thank you my dear Linda!


  4. Just gorgeous; beautiful words from one of the most gentle, loving souls I’ve ever known … sending you much love, dear friend. ~ Julie xoxox


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