Stomp. Fly. Thrust. Kick. ~by Linda Willows

Well -stomp! I am just getting started.
For -fly! I thought that round was ending.
And I -thrust! I could not walk it any more.
For it -kick! It took my heat, my heart, it’s softly core.

Now I ~swirl and reach my long dancing arms to God.
Then I ~jump, like a child just a bit to wild.
Quickly ~curl, and fold to the grounds from all above.
And I sail, land free as a dove come near for his Love.

©2012 Linda Willows


10 thoughts on “Stomp. Fly. Thrust. Kick. ~by Linda Willows

  1. Oooooh……..this is truly magical, Linda. Your heart soars (I feel it). And if I dared to look at the sun, I’m sure I’d see it too. Extraordinary. ~ Love you, Bobbie


  2. I think you have revived yourself, you soul connection to Spirit seems to be reaching out to you calling you to soar … a gentle breeze blows off the ocean cooling our skin and lifting our wings …


  3. I can see you in the midst of these words Linda.. The dancer in you leaping and turning with your verse…. Breathtaking — loved it all!- much love…Robyn


      1. Oh thank you re: photo, Linda — needed a change and this was just Sunday 🙂 Yes – you were turning and moving … I just knew it!!! Could envision Linda the dancer… I’m sure you were exquisite. xo


  4. Oooh, love the sweeping motion and freedom of action in this, my friend – it is spirited and delightful! 🙂 Love, Julie 🙂 xoxox


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