“Life is Beautiful” PhotoQuote from Linda Willows 7.24.2012

Joy hush through petals
in blush of the Unseen.
Sweet Nectar flows to hue
as God’s Touch Loves each being.

©2012 Linda Willows


14 thoughts on ““Life is Beautiful” PhotoQuote from Linda Willows 7.24.2012

    1. Thank you, Wendell, I appreciate each of your heart-full and insightful words. I have been silent for a few days and still catching up. I look forward to reading your latest works. Love, Linda


      1. 🙂
        When I was in beauty school for 2 years, one of the rules was we always were to address each other by Ms. plus the first name…..so it grew on me, I liked it because it was so charming and respectful…..it carried with it a sense of professionalism and respect…..I rather enjoyed being called Ms. Jacqueline myself, and it has become a personal habit I do without thinking sometimes…..lol


  1. Beautiful, Linda. Just reading the posts here ~ my students call me Ms. Bobbie and yes, I’ve always assumed it was a southern thing (like miss boss)….. Love you, Bobbie


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