Take me Home as Your Own ~by Linda Willows

Take me home as Your Own
I’ve no more lone and emptied tones.
I have sung for so long,
Words called to end my roam.

Let Nature’s arms receive me new,
Take my heart; let Love all through.
I cannot hide, this worlds too wide.
I’ve tried and tried. It is Mercy’s ride.

The Path here is deep green,
It pulls my heart through to sunbeams.
Take me home, as your Own,
Into the Glory Light’s Lone.

©2012 Linda Willows


16 thoughts on “Take me Home as Your Own ~by Linda Willows

  1. Linda, we surely come to a place where not only is there no place to hide, there’s no desire to….a time and place when we embrace the wonderful mystery of our own divine presence……allowing ourselves the beauty of dancing with the universe (and allowing it entry into our own amazing heart). When that happens, we know the joy that surely went into our creation. *sigh* I love this and the you that beams through it…… Exceptional. ~ Love, Bobbie


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