“Beauty of Flowers” ~enjoy the New Inspirational Photo Collection from Linda Willows

You are each welcome to enjoy and share the beautiful flowers in the new collection. Flowers Inspire me! I hope that they bring joy and smiles to you too!

you are welcome to use any photo or photos that you like, just pause and save. (actual photos are larger than they appear) The slideshow works best from the blog!

Love, Linda

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22 thoughts on ““Beauty of Flowers” ~enjoy the New Inspirational Photo Collection from Linda Willows

  1. Oh my goodness, Linda, these flowers are simply exquisite! Once again, thank you so much for finding them, putting them into such a lovely presentation, and your generosity in sharing them with us. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


      1. It is something that I feel strongly about. We often use our energy trying to “pull” things towards ourselves, or “hold” onto what we believe that we own (!)….I have given away treasure all of my life as an act of love and a discipline in understanding that we cannot hold onto anything, even precious in this life. What we have given away should be what we loved the most because we Are on another and the Oneness lives within all truly Good.


  2. I love your flower collections. There is something about flowers that speaks with such tender truth to the heart. I always feel left humbled by their fragility and beauty. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. I love them, I used to garden. My first sunflower were about 7ft high and they frightened the children because they seemed like “people”……but good buddies all were!


      1. Love You Too Linda ….:)
        You can always go higher and higher 🙂 xoxoxo
        Uplifting always ………
        here is something i find beautiful for you
        If you have headphones – put them on
        Much better 🙂 xoxoxo
        Huge Hugs xx



      2. oh my I love everything about it!. I am going to start a Media Library to save things. My computer is not too good with sound. I am always amazed at the quality of your own recordings….they sound so good!!! thanks for this, Love, Linda!xoxoxo


      3. Aww Thanks 🙂 xx Huge Love
        My own recordings – well – they are home made …………….. xx
        much love sweet linda ……..xx
        Your last poem was breathtaking xx


  3. Such unbelievable beauty, Linda……..and surely proof that all of this wasn’t an accident………they take my breath away. Thank you for bringing this gift to us. ~ Much love to you…….always. ~ Bobbie


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