“Praise this Rests’ Slow Deep Unwind” ~by Linda Willows

Praise this rests’,
slow deep unwind,
Far from all
that may due find,
probes and entry
to my secret mind.
I’ve let it all
fall away, far behind.

With nothing more,
now to keep
I and Peace
find welcome sleep.
Honey combs
and distant trails
Curl back into
my warmer sails.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Selena de Maeyer)

18 thoughts on ““Praise this Rests’ Slow Deep Unwind” ~by Linda Willows

  1. So peaceful, so tranquil, my dear friend … if I were to read this before going to bed, I would surely sleep well … I love this, and the photo is perfect for it. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. Linda, I believe in a great many things (some without any more proof than a whisper of breeze or a cold mountain stream). If asked, it seems silly to just say “I know”, but I do. Few treasures are as rare and as beautiful as solitude. There are few things as defining as the company you keep with yourself. I love to take drives to places I’ve never been; sleep alone under the stars; go so far away in my dreaming that I stop being afraid of not coming back. Joy breathes in the moments most would see as empty. I love this! Thank you. ~ Much best, Bobbie


    1. It gives me such joy that you read and reach into the words in this way. Don’t worry about spam. I have to retreive everything from there and then publish. Would love to “rest” from that! Love Linda


  3. It is a different feeling when you use your real name and photo of yourself. It is brave in here I am, need to be rather fearless, and own your work, your heart and be One, standing, remaining. Celebrate! Love, Linda


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