“Such Treasures Left as Night is Done” ~by Linda Willows

River carries the Moon through
Dark Night’s sparkle and view.
All bend in to sense embrace
Of the shine from Blessed Face

I have found same everywhere
In far journey’s lost and dared.
And the touch of your reached beams
Always sweetened in my dreams.

River here flows through there…
With Light’s bend everywhere
Such treasures left as night is done;
I smile to thank each Moon’s Sun.

©2012 Linda Willows


(photo credit: Sandris Grivins)

13 thoughts on ““Such Treasures Left as Night is Done” ~by Linda Willows

    1. Dearest Celeste, Love to you as well. I hope that some day soon, we find an answer to the spam days of WordPress. I went to Askismet as well, filed pleas and did all that I could. Love to us all,


  1. What a gentle, peaceful poem, dear friend, I love this. I especially like these lines: “All bend in to sense embrace”, and “And the touch of your reached beams” – beautiful. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. Although it might not make sense to anyone else, Linda, I know you’ll understand. Through your words, I know you ~ that you have the ability to see beauty even when it’s not pretty, and that you greet with wonder each day, sourcing your own life from its presence. Your words are but a reflection of your own extraordinary heart. ~ Love, Bobbie


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