A Prayer for Restore, Let God open a Door…” to all new followers, friends and fellow “villagers” in the blogging family

Something happened recently of a technical nature with my blog that prevents any of my comments from showing up on anyone’s site, old, new…no matter at all. Apparently my comments trigger something that sends them directly into the spam folders of wherever I am. I have worked on this for days with no success.

As you all know, I have loved speaking, commenting and reaching out as a heart-full part of the wordpress community and have always been active in reading other blogs and commenting. I feel that we need to reciprocate, that it isn’t enough to just write and publish. I feel that the community is about others and supporting through words, care and reading. It’s true that this can take hours of time, but the balance is essential and it puts balance between us. I feel we learn in this sharing, how to care for one another, in kindness, outreach and gentle care.

For the time, I will continue to publish, but until this is resolved, am unable to comment, except on a few rare sights. If you have any advice or recommendations for me. I welcome them. Meanwhile, I love you all, miss “speaking”, and look forward to all restored! (you might check your spam folders and take me out…that is where something is sending all written!) Thank you, Talk soon, Hope!!

“Pray for Restore, Let God open a Door”….to each and all,

Linda Willows

11 thoughts on “A Prayer for Restore, Let God open a Door…” to all new followers, friends and fellow “villagers” in the blogging family

  1. You are so not alone, dear Linda! It is happening to me, to Caddo, and goodness knows how many others of us! (I hope this posts and doesn’t end up in your spam!) ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. Since I recovered your messages from the spam folder the filter is not grabbing you comments anymore.
    It would be good advice for all of us to check the SPAM folder occasionally. I know that even Microsoft Exchange starts marking some messages as ‘junk’ when they are from legitimate sources.
    I’ll do some digging and see if I can come up with any ideas. All the best … Peter


      1. Yes, right away … Thanks for letting me know when it first happened. It seems that since they changed the notifications to not use a counter, only a start and a comment box icon, your issue started. …


  3. Hi Linda, love you, too, and I hope this is resolved soon. It seems to be affecting many others, too, as you already know…take care and sending hugs and blessings, xoxo


  4. Dearest Linda, I know you know that I know!!! This was making me crazy and I had no real way of advising others. Jeannie couldn’t see my comments nor could Wendell, or James. But eventually, word came through other individuals and it appears resolved (for the moment). When I first checked (after noticing my comments disappearing), I had five comments by you in my folder and was heart-broken that you would have thought me so insensitive as to not reply. What I know (above all else) is that we are connected, one to the other, and surely technology is no match for matters of the heart and soul! We shall prevail! Thank you for not giving up! ~ Love you, Me


  5. So very frustrating… This happens to several of my followers so I check my spam box often.
    I hope this gets resolved for you soon. ♥


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