“Songs that We Sang Before Time Took Its Hold” ~by Linda Willows

All have gone on ahead, and I am left here with me.
The ones that followed can’t find a passage to see.
That heart that reached in fell out far and strong
Forever, perhaps never- casting longing lifelong.

Songs that we sang before time took life’s hold
Come back to me, tearfully, in markings still bold.
I step to the tunes but get lost on past’s day.
None can come alive from yesterday’s way.

All have gone ahead and I am left here with me,
Breathing, heart beating, no chance to foresee.
Destiny runs through life’s path with such will;
Unsightly, heartbreaking, yet ours to love still.

Would that I ever might fathom the door
a portal, a calling that led me to more.
This a new heartbeat, one farther than mine
One born in the hope of God’s leading, His sign.

Here is the singular death of all past
the flowers have shed like the memory’s last…
Each with a mortal dream faded away,
Lost, gone and faded; with yet seedling’s bouquet.

©2012 Linda Willows

22 thoughts on ““Songs that We Sang Before Time Took Its Hold” ~by Linda Willows

  1. In your heart a piece of his love is there still, and it calls out to you daily to share his love as he did with you before you were born to this world. The path that you are on will take you back to where you were at in the beginning with those whom’s love you embraced endearingly. The piece of His love that we have allows us to remember his touch of love that we might come to believe that we are here to share for a purpose, and we grow accordingly! For it would be easily accomplished if he was controling our lives but he gives us a freedom of choice to see if we will always be loyal to his love without his total control, what would we do? And you do it well for you emulate his ways in sharing your love and lifting others always! You are a treasured jewel my dear Linda! And though you seek no reward it lies ahead when your questions will be answered by He whom you have always known and loved!


  2. The words are beautiful and very moving, I just love the line “All have gone on ahead, and I am left here with me” it feels true to me

    Stunning image too


    1. All have either passed away, or are far away, moved in distance and stance of life. What was once great overflow and fullness, is a space for me, my Soul and God…perhaps part of a divine design. Surely it presses my heart to expand in ways beyond “me”….alone and examine the nature of me, Mine and Thine.


  3. Such an aching loneliness, and a resigning to fate….a reliance on self that is resolute….of course as you know, never alone, but some things must be wrought in solitude…..blessings and peace I send your way my precious friend….


    1. For each, come times when we face hours, or lives such as this. I believe that it shapes us, melts the wax and reveals true light to shine amidst what what we worshiped or clung to in mortal world…surely you have understanding of this, sweet angel, Celeste


  4. I feel the ache of loneliness, and also of love, in this beautiful write, dear friend. “All have gone on ahead, and I am left here with me.” – beautiful phrasing, I love this line. We love – and love still and always, no matter what, unconditionally … and in the process of acceptance of our “alone-ness”, learn to love and accept ourselves and embrace our own destiny, as well. I love this. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


    1. thank you, Julie…you have sensed it all, and spoken so beautifully. with understanding and wisdom. The feelings that I have expressed are ones that surely each, at one point or another will face, and with them, the chance to learn, grow stronger and mine the gold…all love to you, Linda


    2. I do feel that most if not all encounter a version of this experience at some point in the life path. For me, it has recurred over time, often. Then to love still and always becomes the only way, the only choice; perhaps, meant to glean the heart’s true fortitude, faith and trust though all of life has threatened to shake all trust. Destiny is wise after all, not gentle, but mortal life is not gentle, we rise, fall, rise again until the Soul is mighty and Tall. All Love to you, Linda


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