“We must Learn to Love More”… ~by Linda Willows

We must Learn to Love More

Does time sweep the dust
from the mirrors that we

View our righteousness,
honor and self dignity?

What trampled with hush
upon purity’s blush..

Did pride cling to fear
and leave specs not all clear?

Grant wisdom bring wings
to restore grace and humble things.

We must learn to love more
and join Mercy’s true Pour.

No thing or single stand
is worth more than Love’s Hand.

Join out and pray in
that like us, worlds begin.

©2012 Linda Willows

18 thoughts on ““We must Learn to Love More”… ~by Linda Willows

  1. A wonderful poem that asks us to look deeply at ourselves as well as loving ourselves and one another … beautifully written, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. Love is something that when shared in its purest content, will blossom so much in ones life that you will always think of others first and will share what is placed in you already to share. The Lord, came here he said as a servant, he washed, feet, he fed, he healed , He shared His love daily never asking for anything but to follow Him, he gave freely of His perfect pure gift, His love. Today that love has blossomed a million times over the centuries When he said follow me, he mean’t , to see with wisdom the life changing effect of love! The Greatest commandments He said was to first love God with all your heart and soul, then the second greatest is to love your brother as yourself and and you would keep all the other commandments. When he said love your brother, that was all inclusive of Humankind, all men and women…every one! Love will bring spiritual roses each morning to you to share…try it, you will enjoy it. An awesome poem Linda, with an more awesome and moving message! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Absolutely beautiful and moving, Linda, especially these lines…No thing or single stand
    is worth more than Love’s Hand. What the world needs now is love, love, love~ Hugs and love to you, my dear friend xx


  4. I love this, Linda. Of all the commandments, only one stands on its own (making all the rest unnecessary) – to love. The more we love, the more we love. Indeed, it is really so simple. Thank you for the beauty that is your sight. ~ Much love, Bobbie


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