“Shall We Dare the Unknown” from Linda Willows

Shall we dare the unknown
Such force hidden and lone
Deep waters risk all
in the ocean’s vast roam.

It calls forth the brave,
Warrior hearts come to save
with no map in ships’ roar
lives lost in waves pour.

The waters are broad and carry each send,
with communion, grace and divine love’s bend.
With each isle’s rocky landing,
faraway hand and sight’s end.
We find one another. We join and we mend.

Shall we dare the unknown and let love’s leap begin again
Tell me, whisper, give a sign; say when.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo gratitude: Billy Monday)


21 thoughts on ““Shall We Dare the Unknown” from Linda Willows

  1. Yes….yes we shall ms. Linda….and if I didn’t before, I would certainly be ready after reading these words….what a beautiful dream….a charismatic calling forth and a challenge onto higher ground and blessed unities…..may it ever be, my friend…..
    love you


  2. Such a compliment from you….I am humbled….and feel the same of you too…..I feel and kindred spirit and connection there that surpasses the distance, and I value all of your wisdom, comments, opinions and friendship…..thank you…..


  3. Dearest Linda, my favorite line ~ Dare us then all, to fear nothing but walls that cause loves’ reach to stall. Though many have good intentions, so many humanitarian efforts are thwarted by the rules that are put around the simple act of helping. The minute we apply rules, we build walls. The instant we ascribe restraint is the same we should stop calling it love. I love this. Truth has rarely been so beautiful. ~ Always, Bobbie


    1. Thank you Bobbie, you make a good point. I though see that there is a difference between rules and the concept of “Law”, such as those which govern Nature, our tl. Thankfully, these are not walls but like parts of a whole…


      1. Indeed…….they are not rules at all, but threads in the tapestry that is life. Parts of the whole ~ of course, an excellent choice of words! Love, B


  4. “Dare us then all, to fear nothing but walls” and “We find one another. We join and we mend.” – oooh, I love these lines! Such a beautiful, uplifting poem, dear friend, that beckons with love, and invites us to seek that which unites all. So many lines I really enjoyed here … love your very last line, too. Beautiful poem, I love this! ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


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