“Empty Shoes” ~by Linda Willows

“Empty Shoe”

What falls with these old and sharply torn tears
dares the unknown with all former lost years;
splintered, hidden, they swept into dream fears

Seems that no one but she, heard the cries, secrets, lies;
All gutted right through like someone’s old empty shoe;
A forsaken, split heart etched with Shadow Times dues.

Hidden years keep memory caves deep so well
Sighs recede, feelings lost find places to dwell.
Would some ever wish to express a farewell,

Tis within these dark walls that sole member may dwell.
No homes, no people, or vacant scars depart.
All falls back into slumber till the new one may start.

©2012 Linda Willows

(Photo: Richard Fennel)


8 thoughts on ““Empty Shoes” ~by Linda Willows

  1. A very awesome poem Linda, its truly beautiful and the last stanza really touched me! I also wanted you to know that i nominated you tonight for The Reader Appreciation Award. You are always visiting my site and so many others leaving your blessings and a piece of your love everywhere! You make me smile everyday…thanks Linda and congratulations on the award…you deserve it!


    1. Thank you, Wendell, I am honored and appreciative of your comment as well as your nomination. I feel your love and goodwill as a palpable presence so welcome and loved! Linda


  2. Linda, this is such a sad and heart-rending poem, and it resonates deeply with me – and yet, I also sense a feeling of hope in the ending … it is possible to overcome … ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


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