“With Scent of Earth and Tree’s Cascade” ~by Linda Willows

With Scent of Earth and Tree’s Cascade

As a girl I lived in a tree,
On branches high and gloriously free.
Where air and breeze set God upon thee
All aglow with secret mystery.

In willow waves I deeply swayed.
Therein my dreams were solemnly made.
Cast each June in four o’clock shade,
with scent of earth and tree’s cascade.

©2012 Linda Willows


20 thoughts on ““With Scent of Earth and Tree’s Cascade” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Absolutely lucious!!! I love the magical embrace of this one, Linda. Like you and Jeannie, I spent long days (and sleepless nights) in the loving arms of many a tree. Such a wonderful retreat. ~ Much love, Bobbie


    1. Thank you! I get a good feeling here too, it is such a real feeling and memory that many of us share and the branches; such loving embrace for our dreams….Love to you, Linda


  2. Well, this is my new favorite, Linda! I like the sound, the setting, the sweetness that seems very real–not contrived. And where do you find your pics, I wonder? God bless you, friend–love, Caddo


    1. thank you Caddo, I search through Photo.net, 1x.com, Shadowness and many others, its a second love. I found one that I wanted to send to you but I don’t have your email address….. Love Linda


  3. Last night i nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You have been a jewel to me and all of my fellow bloggers! You have brought a “taste of bliss” to our lives with your unique style and your words and love that you share daily has been a great blessing to the blog world! So congratulations…you are so deserving of many more awards and platitudes! Thanks for always blessing me!


  4. Ooooh, I just love this one, positively enchanting! And that picture is simply gorgeous! ~ Love to you, Julie xoxox


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