“Each Hilltop is Home” ~by Linda Willows

Each Hilltop is Home

I draw your deep green deep inside as a salve
Each memory and sight deeply soothes each heart valve.
Life softens and breathes; wraps its own in such care
That Love presses in from All everywhere.

Living valleys lie between all the hilltops bright.
They unfold a safe nest of their peace at twilight.
Even when in deep slumber with the trees and starlight,
I am held by the green, by an All tender might.

I join new day with each path through Life’s Art
The trees bend forward, shade begins to part.
Each hilltop is home as I stand and admire
Your green, the unseen and nature All, the Entire.

©2012 Linda Willows



(photo credit: Ovidiu Satmari)


9 thoughts on ““Each Hilltop is Home” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Truly beautiful. You really know how to stir an image! And I have to say, I love your last name. Ever since I was a child, I have loved the name Willow, especially as a first name.


    1. a fascinating topic, with a life of its own! Maybe “Findhorn”! The Love in each cell of God’s Being, perhaps. My heart’s adore is fed by a sense of God’s presence and purity in Nature, “the Green”; connection opens Love, the essence shared by the Entire, seen and Unseen.


  2. Beautiful, Linda. I believe it was Keats who said, ‘The poetry of the earth is never dead’. As for me, as long as there are rivers, I shall live within the canyons; as long as there are mountains, I shall wear the breath of God. Truly inspired work. ~ Love you, B


  3. Oh, those blessed, green, green hills of home, Linda! How many thousands of times have those mental pictures carried me through a grey morning into new and warmer light! Wonderful post you have so graciously given us here.


  4. My heart stirs with the words you so artfully write here……I find that place in me that beats with life that has seen hurt and been healed…finding solace and a home in the earth….the contrast of that to the lost feelings I have had in this roaming here are more defined each day….but never forgotten….for I do never want to forget a single moment here, no matter the pain or the carnal ecstasy….I used to be ashamed of things I could not understand that took up residence in me….and even though I still have much more learning to do it is getting a little easier as I join the cycle of life….the letting go and the coming back again….the dying and the new birth….it is all around about me….and in this now I see how much I am like my mother earth, and however unbalanced, I ever always have been….thus my home is found, as I take my seat on that long train……
    love to you


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